#22UpDown4Vets Challenge

Those who have Accepted and Completed the Challenge


                               Take the Challenge

  1. Recognize who challenged you or how you heard about the challenge.
  2. Complete 22 Push Ups and challenge 6 people to complete the challenge
    1. My Name is _________ and I have accepted the #22UpDown4Vets Challenge sent to me by _______(if you were challenged otherwise you can plug Buddy Watch Pier to Pier in this blank). I will now do the #22UpDown4Vets Challenge. (Complete the 22 push ups) I now challenge ______ (tag 6 people here of your choosing)
  3. Upload your video on YouTube, share the video on your social media account and take Buddy Watch Walk Pier to Pier. Send us a message with your YouTube Link and let’s spread the word!