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Meridian, Mississippi: November 11, 2019:

Veterans Day Parade   Photo’s from Today

Veteran Day Fundraiser Challenge


A Note From John:

It was an incredible day in Meridian, Mississippi. I met so many wonderful and supportive people, Veterans and their family members. I met #GoldStar family members and listened as they talked about their spouse, brother, sister, or child. When I talk to Veterans about why I am walking, we all agree it is necessary. We must remove the barriers between serving and have served. Those that are serving now need to step up more and help our Veterans that are suffering. Thank you Retired SFC Tingle for your insight and talking about the barriers.

I would also like to thank Mr. Ken Storms, U.S. Navy Veteran for picking me up today and allowing me to spend the day with you in Meridian.

Tomorrow is #Mississippi tattoo day, curious to what the artist will come up with.